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NZHPA Discussion List

NZHPA Discussion List
A closed discussion list for members of NZHPA

If you are a paid member of NZHPA you are eligible to join this discussion list. The benefits include sharing clinical questions with your colleagues, finding stock, offering stock, requesting research collaboration, sharing protocols and procedures and much more. The list is very active with an average of 30+ postings a week. Don't miss out !

If you are already a member you can join the list here NZHPA Discussion List

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There are also several specialist email groups that are available to join - further information available in the Members Section (see MICP Resources and Mental Health SIG Resources )
There is also a Pharmacy Purchasing email group. For details on joining, please contact another hospital pharmacy purchasing department or the Pharmacy Technician SIG convenor.

Code of Conduct of the List

  • Do not engage in illegal actions, including but not limited to violating legislation, libel, or posting copyrighted materials.

  • Do not use the mailing list to market or sell services or products, or to post other commercial messages (finding and offering stock between hospitals is allowed)

  •  Do not use the mailing list to advertise job vacancies (unless granted permission from the NZHPA President or Communications Officer)

  • Be kind. Do not attack others or use defamatory language.

  • The NZHPA and email list participants are prohibited from using or reproducing postings outside of the list except with the explicit permission of the person who is posting.

  • Attachments to postings are allowed, but we don't offer virus protection on attachments. Participants download and open attachments at their own risk.

  • If you are unsure whether your post contains suitable material contact the relevant SIG convenor or Secretary or Communications Officer of the NZHPA to clarify.

  • Lively discussion/debate is encouraged.