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NZHPA email discussion list

.The list is open for all NZHPA members. When you join nzhpa you will get the opportunity to "opt out" of joining the list. If you don't opt out you will automatically become a subscriber to the list.

If you are not a member of NZHPA you can apply for subscription to the list by sending an email with your details and credentials to:


Here are a few important points about how the list will operate.

1. Subscribers (NB it is free !) will be restricted to NZHPA members. Non-members will only be subscribed on application.

2. The list will not be moderated. In other words, messages posted to the list will automatically be emailed to all the current subscribers. Consequently we should develop guidelines to ensure that the list does not become overloaded with unnecessary messages.

3. I have configured the list such that when you receive an email from the list, the sender of the email will be identified in the "from" field. However, when you reply to the message it will be sent to the whole list to read. If you wish to only reply to the sender of the message you will have to paste their email address in to the "to" field.

4. The name of the list is nzhpa and the email address of the list is
When you have subscribed, this is the email address you will use to send a message to the list.

5. When you have subscribed you will receive a password which you can change. This password will allow you to access the list archives and to change your personal options.

6. To access the archives go to and enter your email address and password

7. Forgotten password ? If you have forgotten your password you can get a reminder emailed to you from this address; email address e.g.
You can then get a password reminder sent by email.