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The New Zealand Hospital Pharmacists’ Association (NZHPA) is a not for profit voluntary member organisation which represents the views of and advocates for hospital pharmacists. NZHPA also provides a voice for members on national pharmacy related issues and enables hospital pharmacist representation on national pharmacy bodies. 

The Association’s vision statement is ‘Supporting innovation in the practice of pharmacy and promoting effective medicines management’. 

Membership is open to any pharmacist who espouses the objectives of the association.  Associate membership is open to any pharmacy technician, intern pharmacist, undergraduate pharmacist or non-pharmacist who espouses the same.  Members are drawn from such areas as hospital (public and private), defence forces, primary care, academia, community pharmacy, research and industry. 

The association was formed in 1952 when Jo Peel of Napier called a meeting of 30 hospital pharmacists from around New Zealand to consider in order of importance “conditions of employment, forming an organisation of hospital pharmacists and specialised training”. Employment conditions and salaries are no longer part of the remit of the NZHPA.  As member numbers have risen through the years and specialisation has occurred within the many facets of pharmacy practice, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been formed, including Medicines Information & Clinical Pharmacy (MICP), Compounding Nutrition & Oncology (CNO), Mental Health, Technicians and a Managers’ Forum for hospital pharmacy managers. 

The NZHPA has over 300 members and relies on the enthusiasm and passion of its members to ensure the ongoing success of the association.  Sharing of knowledge and expertise is encouraged to ensure the ongoing strength of the profession.  There are many volunteers throughout the association that assist or are involved in the SIGs as convenors or committee members, or sit on the national executive board.  NZHPA makes available to its members a portfolio of awards to facilitate education, training and learning.