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Consultation on Hospital Pharmacy Career Structure

A NZHPA project has been taking place to develop a national career structure for hospital pharmacy staff defining expected levels of practice for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants (salaries or work term and conditions are not included in the remit of this project). 

Summary documents have been prepared to give an overview of the suggested qualifications, knowledge, skills and behaviours that are expected at each level of practice.  For pharmacists, suggestions have also been made about competency frameworks that could be used to aid progression through each level.  The frameworks have been designed with the intention of being flexible enough to cover a wide range of possible job types and environments.  It is acknowledged that there will be specialist or combined roles for which expected levels of practice will vary or need to be further defined based on individual job requirements.   

We would invite you to take part in the wider consultation now taking place.  An online survey has been designed to obtain general feedback on the proposed career structures for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants.  An update on this project will be given at NZHPA conference in November. 

The consultation closes on Friday 29 November.

To complete the survey click here   

Supporting documents