Max Health Pharmacy Innovation Showcase Award

- Do you have a great idea for improving patient care?
- Are you struggling to implement a new model of service due to lack of resources?
- Are you currently running something that needs a boost?
- Got the initiative, but need the support?
If the answer is yes, this $3000 award could be for you!
Three finalists will be invited to pitch their idea to a panel of judges in front of conference
More information to come for 2023 award

NZHPA Education Fund

NZHPA administers a fund to assist members to attend courses, attend conferences to present papers, or to undertake special projects

Recipients of the NZHPA Education Fund award are required to present a report to the Executive that will be shared with members

Value of the award is at the discretion of the Executive. Typically values up to $1,500 have been awarded

There are 4 funding rounds each year
More details will be sent to members when this is available

Roche Education Award

Selection Criteria
• The recipient is a current member of the NZHPA (for at least one year)
• The recipient must be involved in the care of cancer patients at their institution
• Prepared to provide feedback to CNO members
• The grant is used for educational purposes
• The grant can only be used to support travel, accommodation and course or registration fees

Three funding rounds a year

Maori Health Award

The NZHPA is committed to the NZHPA Maori Health Award, as part of the NZHPA Grants and Awards Programme. This Award will be granted in recognition of a practice development or research project undertaken by an NZHPA member to address a Maori Health issue.

NZHPA Travel fund

The NZHPA Executive have set aside funding to assist members travelling from out of the region with travel expenses associated with attending the Annual Conference.

Just how much funding is available to each applicant depends on the number of applications received, previous year’s conference profit, and is subject to the approval of the NZHPA Executive. It is hoped that NZHPA members can be reimbursed for the following travel expenses, air flights, out of region travel and mileage

Award Application Form - members only

Type of Award applied for
NZHPA awards do not generally cover the full cost of attendance. If successful, and additional funding is required will you be:

Important notes:

If successful, recipients of NZHPA awards will:

  1. Provide a written report that is suitable for publication in the NZHPA newsletter, plus a photo of themselves to the NZHPA Executive, within 90 days of completion of the activity associated with the award
  2. Consent to details of their award being shared with other NZHPA members especially in relation to, but not limited to, requests to present at events, contribute to future resources and be available to be contacted by another member regarding the specific knowledge or skills gained.
  3.  Award money is paid out retrospectively, after attendance at your conference/course/event on submission of an Expense Claim form, within 90 days of the last day of the conference/event, along with receipts (‘Tax Invoices”) for the appropriate expenses and provision of the written report.

 The requirements of an award may be modified by the Executive.

Guidance on preparing the Award Report

  • Aim for around 500 words.
  • Include your name, a photo, your organisation and contact email.
  • Briefly outline the purpose of your award application and details of the conference attended/sites visited etc
  • If applicable describe your involvement such as oral presentation, poster or workshop presented
  • Provide webpage links to the conference programme, handbook etc where available
  • Choose two to three sessions, themes or areas of practice that you feel stood out and would be most relevant or interesting to NZHPA members. Write about these in sufficient detail so members can learn something from your report.
  • Acknowledge NZHPA and the award sponsor as appropriate