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 Travel fund


  • The NZHPA Executive have set aside funding to assist members travelling from out of the region with travel expenses associated with attending the Annual Conference.


  • Just how much funding is available to each applicant depends on the number of applications received, previous year’s conference profit, and is subject to the approval of the NZHPA Executive.  However, it is hoped that NZHPA members can be reimbursed for the following travel expenses:


  • For a direct flight up to $100 per return journey

  • For non-direct flights up to $150 per return journey

  • For out of region travel via car up to $100 for a round trip >150km and <500km

  • For travel via car up to $150 for a round trip >500km


We will notify applicants of approved funding prior to early bird closing date for the conference.

Reimbursement will be made directly into the applicant’s bank account, for the amount notified, on completion of reimbursement form after conference but within 60 days of conference completion. For air travel original payment receipts (‘tax invoices’) will be required.  

Closing Date - 30 September 2022

Please note this funding is only available to current members of the NZHPA 

For application form see here

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