Medicines Information and Clinical Pharmacy (MICP) Special Interest Group Symposium

9:00 AM
1:00 PM

Nelson Hospital Seminar Centre Tasman-Nelson

This will focus on the topic of CLEARANCE (Renal & Hepatic) with specialist presenters
Approx 9am 17th June concluding by 1pm 18th June
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This programme has been designed to be suitable to pharmacists at all stages of their training. Basic principles

will be covered and lead into knowledge and skills required for advanced clinical pharmacy practice.


  • Dr Alex Browne, ICU and ED Physician
  • Adele Print, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Te Toka Tumai Auckland/Professional Teaching Fellow, University of
  • Auckland
  • Kimberley Oosterbeek, Renal Pre-Specialist Pharmacist at Middlemore Hospital
  • Nicola Seto, Medicines Information Manager and Renal Pharmacist Prescriber, Auckland City Hospital
  • Linda Escott, Nephrology Pharmacist, Canterbury
  • Jay Gong, HRC Clinical Research Training Fellow, School of Pharmacy, University of Auckland
  • Annie Egan, ICU Pharmacist, Nelson Hospital

Programme sessions:


Council of Medical Colleges Cultural Safety Training Framework

The kidney

This session will cover the anatomy and physiology of the kidney, then describe intra-renal conditions such as

lupus nephritis and ANCA vasculitis, their pathophysiology, and treatments.


The mechanics of haemodialysis and CAPD. The treatment of CAPD peritonitis will be discussed.

Dosing in renal impairment

A first principles approach to dosing in renal failure impairment is discussed from a patient, disease and drug

perspective. This session will also review the latest evidence and any updates on this topic. The session aims

to get the pharmacist to think critically about drug dosing in renal impairment.

Complications in chronic renal impairment

A case study outlining complications that can occur in a patient receiving haemodialysis, with a focus on

anaemia and iron overload. This session includes a Medicines Information approach to assessing

appropriateness of iron-chelating agents in a patient with severe renal impairment.

Renal Transplant

A pre- and post-transplant journey, including post-transplant complications.

The Liver

Jay will present an overview on relevant biomarkers and disease-staging related to liver function and their

significance in pharmacotherapy. Practical considerations on medication use in liver impairment will be

discussed and short cases will be used where possible as examples.

Liver transplant

A case study of ganciclovir-resistant CMV disease in a patient with liver transplant requiring treatment with

novel agent maribavir. This will also cover aa Medicines Information search strategy regarding drug


Alcoholic Liver Disease

An overview of the disease and discussion on why these patient’s outcomes are so terrible. What to pay

attention to when you have these patients on the ward.