Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs each hold an educational symposium once a year, and each will have an annual general meeting. SIGs each have a committee who will have regular meetings.

There is a fee to join each SIG, to join please email nzhpa@nzhpa.org.nz 


For members working in or interested in the following areas: 

Medicines Information and Clinical Pharmacy (MICP)

Ben Hickman Co-convenor 

Haylee Brooke Co-convenor  


Mental Health


Convenor - Kyra Sycamore




Convenor - Carol Robinson

Pharmacy Managers 

Michelle Saunders Co-convenor

Gail Edwards Co-convenor


Compounding Nutrition and Oncology (CNO)


Convenor - currently vacant

Special Interest Networks (SINs)

A SIN is free to join, a SIN does not have a committee, regular meetings or education sessions, but are a collection of members with interests in these areas, to join please email nzhpa@nzhpa.org.nz

Research Kim BrackleyJudy Dalrymple


Johanna Lim, Ev Tolerton, Anthea Gregan


Olivia Clendon, Elle Coberger
Medication Safety 


Tamsin Willis, Michelle Murphy 

Education and Training


Antimicrobial Stewardship / Infectious Diseases

Mohammed Issa, Cat Li, Joyce Lim

Emergency Medicine

Critical Care



How to start a new Special Interest Network

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