Important notes



Roche is committed to supporting programmes that benefit patients, the scientific or medicalcommunity, and/or public health through the provision of grants, sponsorships and donations.

Roche supports healthcare professionals’ attendance at scientific meetings, independent medical education events, scientific research projects, and scientific conferences.

Roche Products (NZ) Ltd is pleased to commit to the NZHPA Grants and Awards Programme a total sum of $10,000, to be awarded in three funding rounds in June, September and October.

This grant is designed to offer support for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in oncology or haematology to access education opportunities in their field of expertise and share the information gained with their colleagues.

Selection Criteria

  • The recipient is a current member of the NZHPA (for at least one year)
  • The recipient must be involved in the care of cancer patients at their institution
  • Applicants must describe their role as a cancer care pharmacist or pharmacy technician as part of their application
  • Prepared to provide written feedback on completion of the educational activity and a presentation at the next Compounding, Nutrition and Oncology Special Interest Group meeting
  • The grant is used for educational purposes
  • The grant can only be used to support travel, accommodation and course or registration fees.

Applicants are also strongly encouraged to consider arranging site visits at hospitals near the conference location to gain insight into international pharmacy practice.


5pm, 5 March 2024

5pm, 7 June 2024

5pm, 6 September 2024

5pm, 15 November 2024


Please note, for all successful applicants, the following information is required to be submitted to Roche:

  • name of applicant
  • event supported
  • value of the award.

By submitting the application form, you authorise NZHPA to provide this information to Roche on an annual basis.


Submit your application here