Notes on Injectable Drugs (NoIDs): The “must have” resource for the safe administration of injectable medicines in New Zealand.

Guidance on how to prepare and administer the most commonly prescribed injectable medicines for adult and paediatric use.

Your staff can access the latest information online – either directly through a browser or through links in your local software.
And the book you have come to rely on over the years is still available – free if you subscribe to online access - and is reprinted with new material every year.

Completely revised and rewritten in an easy to use format, with input from nurses and pharmacists across New Zealand. All monographs now continuously reviewed to reflect current best practice and New Zealand usage. In the 2021/22 year 8 new monographs were added and 78 updated to current best practice

Price for online access varies depending on the size of your organisation. Annual subscriptions start from $356.50 (incl. GST and a free book) for an organisation with 1-3 regular users.
Contact for exact pricing and number of free books for your organisation.
Individual books $241.50 each (incl. GST and delivery costs).
For more information on the book and how to subscribe for online access contact

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